Tenergy Portable Power Station 300Wh Battery


  • High energy rechargeable power station – Developed by Tenergy Corporation, a leading power solution company in Silicon Valley since 2004. Tenergy’s portable power station provides minimal 300 watt-hours of power utilization. High energy capacity maintained over long extended service years. The internal software driven smart battery management system (BMS) enables optimized long-term power performance while protecting the power unit against over-loading, over-discharging, over-charging.
  • 2,000+ battery life cycles enabled by advanced LiFePO4 battery technology – LiFePO4 battery technology offers three critical power performance advantage over Li-ion based products: (a) 2,000+ battery cycle life or over 10+ years’ service life; other regular Li-ion battery is only capable of 300-500 cycles or 2-3 years’ service time. (b) Stable long-term power output while Li-ion battery-based products degrade faster; (c) Higher power efficiency and safety for summer outdoor usage.
  • Versatile and sufficient AC and DC power outputs – Equipped with 8 outlets: 2x 110V pure sine wave AC outputs (200W continuous power and surge 400W power). 3x USB outputs (including 1x USB C PD 45W), 1x 12V car port, 2x 12V DC 5.5×2.1mm barrel ports. Power multiple devices at the same time with both AC and DC outlets. Total 400W combined AC (200W) and DC power (200W) Capability for your regular power needs for multiple devices at same time.
  • Solar ready generator with multiple recharge options – Quickly recharge Tenergy portable power station with AC wall adapter at home, USB-C input, solar panel (sold separately) in the field, or car charger on the go. Fully equipped for stationary use or as a mobile power.
  • Portable design and user-friendly power interface – Compact, lightweight, sturdy and easy to use, large LCD digital display, built-in LED light for ambient and emergency lighting. 8.4Lb lightweight and small footprint. Easy to use, carry or store in any places, in-door, at home or in office.
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