Recommendations on the selection of outdoor power supplies

The construction of domestic self-driving camping facilities has been in the ascendant in the past two years, but compared with the popularity of foreign camps, it is still relatively backward. Not only the quantity and density are far from meeting the needs of self-driving, but the high fees have discouraged us self-driving. Therefore, parking lots in famous mountains and rivers in China or free grassland flats have become my self-driving campgrounds.
Self-driving travel and camping are inseparable from adequate power supply. Compared with common fuel generators, battery-type power supplies have many characteristics such as noiseless, pollution-free, simple maintenance, and portability. It can be said that outdoor camping has the most problem with electricity. The best solution.
Outdoor power supply is not broken
If you want to live camping in situ for more than one day, not only the multiple mobile devices of the travel friends need to be charged multiple times, but also the audio and projection used for projection, singing, dancing and other night camping entertainment life are also large consumers of electricity, so the vehicle loading capacity is satisfied. Under the conditions, the larger the outdoor power supply, the better. Now many outdoor enthusiasts have installed extra large-capacity batteries and high-power solar panels of up to 1200AH for private cars, especially RVs that are most suitable for outdoor camping, which can independently maintain power supply for up to a week to cope with the shortage of domestic camping sites. , The dilemma of inconvenient external electricity.
Large-capacity battery packs are more suitable for long-term outdoor heavy camping, but the price of tens of thousands is not acceptable to ordinary campers.
Multi-voltage output interface, the more the better
Outdoor camping is usually a gathering of multiple people in several households, so there are relatively more power-consuming devices such as mobile phones. This requires outdoor power supplies to charge multiple mobile phones at the same time to avoid the embarrassing situation of other people waiting to be charged.
Through various interfaces, it can charge multiple mobile phones, pads and other small electrical appliances at the same time. Because of the 500W high power, after expansion through the socket, it can theoretically be more than 20 mobile phones, or PTZ, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, etc. At the same time, high-current fast charging is performed.
As an outdoor power supply, it must have a 110V output in order to drive more devices, which requires the use of inverters. Anyone who has done a little research knows that there are two types of sine wave inverters and modified wave inverters. The former is better than the latter. The adaptability is better and the price is much higher. Because the outdoor power supply still generates a lot of heat in the state of high power consumption, fire prevention and heat dissipation must be paid attention to. The most important indicator of outdoor power quality is the battery, which is not only related to the capacity and service life of the power supply, but also related to the safety of use.
A variety of charging methods, high-power fast charging
Considering that the outdoor power supply takes into account both indoor and outdoor use, at least there should be two or more charging methods of conventional 110v power supply and car 12V to charge the power supply.

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