How to organize camping equipment for novices? These 11 are enough!

Camping for the first time is always excited and worried. On the one hand, I look forward to the upcoming activities, but I am also worried that my inexperienced myself will be lost, embarrassed and embarrassed?
For those who are camping for the first time, the preparation of camping equipment can be a big problem. Because I don’t have experience, I don’t know if I will camp again in the future? Faced with a dazzling array of camping equipment, I don’t know which ones to buy and which ones just need to be borrowed.
And maybe I don’t even have an idea of ​​what kind of camping style I like, even if I have enough silver bullets, I don’t know how to start. So, let’s briefly introduce the basic equipment that novice campers may need!
1 Tent + ground cloth
There are hundreds of styles of tents, and you need to pay attention to the details. It is not recommended to start rashly. It is recommended to borrow from a friend or rent an equipment rental company in the shop at the beginning. There are even many campsites that can be rented. Use this method to first understand the method of setting up the tent, and at the same time understand the points that you value more, because buying the wrong one is the most expensive.
In terms of style, you can first consider the yurt-style tent built with two camping pillars crossed. This style is now the popular mainstream style. It is mainly easy to carry, easy to set up, and light in weight, which is very suitable for beginners. Moreover, there are many pipes that can be found in hypermarkets. Please pay attention to the choice of materials, and pay attention to waterproofness and air permeability.
In addition, a piece of ground cloth is usually attached to the tent to isolate the direct contact between the tent and the ground and prolong the life of the tent. The ground cloth also has the effect of blocking cold and dampness. I think outdoor controllers can also prepare a moisture-proof mat and spread it inside the tent to make it more comfortable in the cold and humid winter! And the beautiful moisture-proof mat can also be taken out as a picnic mat on weekdays, which has many functions.
Advice for novices: first rent/borrow to participate in camping, understand how to set up tents and use details before buying.
2 Cooking tent/living room tent
The cooking tent, or some people call it the living room tent, is mainly used to provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain so that outdoor controllers can sit and chat and drink tea leisurely, as well as cooking space.
The living room tent with hanging side cloth can cope with many sunny and rainy weather changes outdoors, but the space occupied by heavy storage is not small, so many outdoor control options are shared with friends, or just set up Canopy tent.
Advice for novices: share with friends or choose to camp in a camp with a canopy first, and then decide how to buy it according to the situation.
3 Skydome
Depending on personal habits and preferences, it is recommended that novice cooking tents and canopy tents can be selected. The canopy tent is lighter than the living room tent, and the choice of colors is more lively, but it cannot completely shield the wind and rain. At the same time, more skills are used in erection, and the floor space required is larger.
Advice for novices: First observe how old drivers set up a canopy before deciding whether to buy.
4 Camping tools
Of course, camp nails, camp mallets, camp pillars, and camp ropes are all necessary. Especially on days when the weather changes frequently, using camp nails and camp ropes to strengthen fortifications can greatly increase the wind and rain resistance of the tent, and good tools will not only make you more effective, but also safer! Of course, tools like camp mallets can also be borrowed from familiar friends at the beginning.
Advice for novices: All tents come with camping nails and camping ropes, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare more.
5 About cooking
Stove: It is recommended to choose cassette gas stove or mountaineering stove for entry. However, due to its large volume and heavy weight, double-port furnaces and fast furnaces are not considered for the time being. At the beginning, choose a light stove, you can use it for more time, usually you can carry it for outings, hiking or mountaineering, and it has stable firepower and is very convenient for cooking.
Pots and pans: If you just want to keep everything simple, you can first use the ready-made pots and pans you have at home. It is recommended to bring a pan and a soup pot to meet most of the needs. The pan is used for frying and roasting. In addition to boiling water and boiling instant noodles, the soup pot can also be used for hot pot.
Tableware: We do not recommend using disposable tableware. Stackable wooden or stainless steel dishes are all good choices. After waiting for camping to get started, buy more style tableware according to your personal taste.
Advice for novices: first use the ready-made props at home and then buy them one after another.
6 Furniture categories: tables and chairs, camp lamps, tableware hanging baskets, ice buckets
Tables and chairs: can be simple or complex. Some people can use a small folding table with a scout chair, and some people don’t even bring a table at all, just a comfortable chair. Usually if you don’t open a restaurant, it’s recommended to bring an existing folding table or buy an egg roll table from home, but if you need to open a restaurant, you must consider the table’s heavy resistance. Choose a firmer table. As for the chair, you can bring a small bench at home at the beginning, and then observe the equipment of other campers, and then find out the type that suits your needs.
Advice for novices: A camping chair that allows people to sit and relax, and does not take up space at ordinary times, is worth having. Not only can it be used for camping, it is also very suitable for putting on the front yard balcony of the home.
Tableware hanging basket: The tableware hanging basket is easily overlooked by novices. Strictly speaking, if your table is big enough, some people will put the washed dinner plate upside down and put it on the table to air dry. However, if you have simplified the equipment sufficiently, you only bring a small table, and you have to put pots and cutlery, it may not fit. At this time, the hanging basket is a very convenient and space-saving helper, and the key point is that it is light and convenient to store.
Ice bucket/refrigerator: There are many portable refrigerators that will be purchased by Luyou, but even if there is no portable refrigerator, there are many alternatives that can be worked around. The outer pot of the ice bucket or the smoldering pot plus the refrigerant ice brick Way, its cold preservation ability also has a certain level.
Lighting equipment: Most camps now have power supply. The most common plug-in camp lights are no problem in most camps. The price is not high and easy to start. Pay attention to choosing insect-proof bulbs to avoid the trouble of flying insects.
Advice for novices: These items are not expensive compared to the unit price, and there are opportunities to use them in general life. You can purchase them according to your own preferences.
7 clothes
First of all pay attention to the season and activities you are engaged in to choose suitable clothing. For example, if you are playing in the water, you must prepare a change of dry clothes; if you are climbing, it is best to wear breathable trousers. But no matter what, the climate in the mountainous areas is changing. Even in summer, you should keep warm clothes.
For winter camping, it is recommended to wear onion-style clothing with multiple layers of thin clothes. Clothes with moisture wicking properties are very practical, and don’t forget the thin long-sleeved tops, which are both insect-proof and sun-proof. If you have children, it is recommended to bring a raincoat. A pair of shoes that are not afraid of water are practical for both adults and children!
Advice for novices: Be sure to bring a thin long-sleeved outerwear in summer. A good windproof jacket in winter can be worth more than one piece.
8 bedding
The most basic bedding is the same as covering the body and laying on the ground. Even in summer, many mountain camps may be very cold at night.
In the summer, a thin blanket may be enough to go to a low-altitude camp, and the other three seasons of high-altitude camps will use warmer quilts or sleeping bags. There are many outdoor controls that take out their own duvets in a vacuum. Sleeping bags are also easy to rent equipment, and it is not a big problem to not need to buy them in the initial stage.
If you want to purchase more, you should pay attention to the comfortable temperature marked on the sleeping bag as the main reference index. The mummified sleeping bag has good warmth retention; the general square sleeping bag has a larger space for activity and more comfortable.
The sleeping pads on the ground range from foil pads, foam sleeping pads, inflatable sleeping pads, camp beds, and even clever mats. In recent years, the mainstream style of inflatable sleeping pads with independent cylinders for family camping has the highest comfort level. This camping can be rented for a try first.
Reminder: It is highly recommended to bring earplugs. Leaving aside some unscrupulous friends who are still making noise in the middle of the night, sometimes it is the unavoidable baby crying, or the snoring of the tent next door, instead of getting tired of the next day, it is better to bring earplugs to let yourself sleep well. Sleep!
Advice for novices: temporarily avoid winter when camping for the first time, so as not to impulsively buy a bunch of heavy equipment and find that they will not be used in other seasons.
9 Toiletries
Just like traveling, cleaning supplies can be carried in small bottles, which is much easier. In addition, making good use of the travel storage bag can also make your bag more portable and more efficient in use!
Advice for novices: bring a bar of soap! Sometimes soap is better than body wash and dish soap.
10 Large garbage bags and rubber bands (or cotton ropes) for toiletries
Large trash bags are very easy to use. In addition to sorting out the surrounding trash, if the supplies are still wet when the bill is collected, it is most convenient to put them in a large plastic bag and take them away. In addition, large garbage bags can also come in handy when you need to store items in different categories temporarily. In addition, rubber bands and ropes are also unexpectedly useful things, which can help you store your items more firmly and neatly.
11 Encountered other technical difficulties: go to the old driver with a smile
Novices will always encounter all kinds of problems. Even if you do a lot of homework in advance and keep crawling on the Internet, you may still encounter various unexpected troubles when you actually arrive at the scene. At this time, the camping seniors around you are your saviors. Please remember to ask politely and softly. I believe many veterans of camping are happy to help.
It’s not that difficult to have a pleasant camping: figure out the camp rules in advance, don’t be a camper with no ethics, then check the list of camping supplies, put on the car one by one, be careful with fires in the camp, and pay attention to safety . With the heart of being close to nature, I believe you can enjoy the beauty of camping~~

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