Five-star camping enjoyment guide

There are two types of camping. The other is corrupt, indulging in the physical and mental transfer of the mountains and the wild. The two camping types switch each other, and the camping life is rich and colorful.

Self-abuse camping can only “make fun of suffering” in hunger and cold, and such camping will be unforgettable.

Corrupt camping is to call friends and enjoy themselves with the support of a large amount of corrupt materials.

The same is camping, you can abuse yourself and enjoy it. If you want to “carry out corruption to the end”, camping can also become a “star feast.”

We arrange from one star to five stars according to the degree of corruption, and tell you what are the ways to enjoy camping.

One-star enjoyment: exquisite cooking

The most elementary enjoyment is appetite. The same is camping, self-abuse camping always try to eat as much as possible, while corrupt camping will bring the exquisite requirements of cooking into the mountains.

Self-abuse mode-self-abuse camping is to share instant noodles in the north wind. A group of people gathered around the boiling pot, using tableware drawn from the spot at any time.

Corruption mode-In the corruption mode, everything from food processing to cooking can be done outdoors. Set up a small titanium table, spread out the kitchen utensils set, you can cut a delicate scallion white on a small cutting board. The cut dishes are placed in a folding bowl.

When you finish processing the dishes, light the blazing oil stove, set up a big heat-collecting pot, move the folding tables and chairs, and start a gluttonous feast in the mountains.

Exquisite cooking is the first way to enjoy outdoor camping. When you are full of food and drink, the two-star enjoyment is to make a pot of good tea.

Two-star enjoyment: tea tasting and Taoism
After the meal, it is a pleasant thing for everyone to sit around and have tea and chat. The way of drinking tea is still rough and delicate. Good tea also needs good utensils to make it enjoyable.

Self-abuse mode-self-abuse camping, there is also a tea session. However, the conditions are limited. Use a small pot that has just cooked instant noodles to make a pot of tea, and you will take one bite at the same time as you cook the pot. The taste of the tea is naturally greatly reduced.

Corruption mode-outdoor tea tasting in corruption mode is to use a special outdoor tea set. Boil the clear mountain spring, soak in a light teapot, filter, and divide into small cups. After a set of operations, tasting tea becomes a kind of enjoyment.

Making a good cup of tea and chatting with friends about the tea ceremony and mountain climbing at the camp is naturally relaxing.

Exquisite cooking and tea tasting. The first two stars enjoy food and clothing. Three-star camping enjoyment, when night falls, the campsite is still brightly lit.

Three-star enjoyment: brightly lit
The night in the mountains comes quickly. After dark, if the camp is dark, everyone will go to bed early, which will inevitably be boring. If the camp is full of electricity and bright as daylight, everyone will have more time to talk.

Self-abuse mode-camping in self-abuse mode, you may only bring a headlight. When night comes, the headlights are dazzling, which is not suitable for socializing.

Self-abuse mode, you have to save electricity. Headlights are usually battery-powered, and the worst thing is that the headlights run out of power and stay in a dark camp to count the stars.

Corruption mode-corruption camps, camp lights are naturally indispensable.

There are various types of camp lights, and the power bank camp lights can not only illuminate, but also charge electronic devices. The audio camp light is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, and the hanging camp light can emit colorful lights, which can be hung to enhance the atmosphere of the camp.

With lighting equipment, power is naturally needed. In corrupt camping, outdoor power generation and storage equipment can continue to provide corrupt electricity.

If there is plenty of sunlight during the day, foldable solar panels can continuously obtain clean energy. The collected power can be stored in a power transfer station for use by electronic equipment. Hand-cranked camp lights can also be used as occasional needs.

A more novel and interesting power generation method is wood-fired furnace power generation. As long as there are dead branches and leaves, the power can be endless.

Three-star camping enjoyment, let you have a brightly lit “Night Night Camp”. The four-star enjoyment is to make the camp’s entertainment rich and colorful.

Four-star enjoyment, private cinema
Corrupt camping, entertainment is naturally an important attribute. In the corrupt camping activities, in addition to eating and drinking, you can also enjoy several movies and experience the fun of the mountain theater.

Self-abuse mode-In the self-abuse mode, the most embarrassing situation is that everyone is playing with their mobile phones in the camp, and the signal flashes in the mountains. Even playing with the mobile phone is hardly fun.

Corruption Mode-In Corruption Mode, you can pull up a screen in the camp and use a digital projector to show movies. Everyone sat in folding chairs, bathed in the stars, and enjoyed the private theater in the mountains and wilds.

One-star and two-star enjoyment satisfies the appetite; three-star enjoyment and experienced the audio-visual feast; the time for sleep will eventually come, and the five-star enjoyment is a good night’s sleep.

Five-star enjoyment, mountain and wild into a dream
All the hustle and bustle are reduced to silence, and you should prepare to sleep. Sleeping well in the mountains is the greatest enjoyment.

Self-abuse mode-In self-abuse camping, your nights can’t sleep. Sleeping equipment for self-abuse camping is full of generals. Fold a few pieces of clothes as pillows, and the sleeping bag is not thick enough, and down jackets come together.

Corruption mode-Corruption camping, sleep is a full range of warm care: head on a comfortable cotton pillow, under the body is a thick sleeping pad to isolate the ground, get into the fluffy and warm sleeping bag, and finally have a good dream

Camping is a way of life, and people in cities find comfort in the mountains. Since you bring the word “life”, you can be exquisite and comfortable.

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