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Five-star camping enjoyment guide

There are two types of camping. The other is corrupt, indulging in the physical and mental transfer of the mountains and the wild. The two camping types switch each other, and the camping life is rich and colorful. Self-abuse camping can only “make fun of suffering” in hunger and cold, and such camping will be […]

How to organize camping equipment for novices? These 11 are enough!

Camping for the first time is always excited and worried. On the one hand, I look forward to the upcoming activities, but I am also worried that my inexperienced myself will be lost, embarrassed and embarrassed? For those who are camping for the first time, the preparation of camping equipment can be a big problem. […]

8 tips to make you have a pleasant rainy camping trip

You prepared all the equipment, selected the destination, and finally convinced the friends to go camping with you. However, at the last minute, the weather forecast tells you that it will rain on the weekend. During heavy rains and thunderstorms, we must reschedule for safety. But if it’s a safety issue, don’t let the rain […]

How to get water for outdoor camping

In distress, especially in hot areas and desert areas, water supply is crucial.   ⑴ Water source The natural water sources include the following: ·Surface water: such as rivers, lakes, streams, etc. ·Groundwater: such as well water, spring water, underground reservoirs, etc. ·Biological water: For example, some plants contain sufficient water, such as fairy banana, […]

Some experience of outdoor camping below minus 20 in winter

Camping in the ice and snow below minus 20 in winter, keeping warm needs to be taken seriously! As an outdoor participant in Xinjiang, I have basically seen snow and ice weather for twelve months of the year, often camping in low temperature conditions, and accumulated some experience. Now I will share with you!   […]

Recommendations on the selection of outdoor power supplies

The construction of domestic self-driving camping facilities has been in the ascendant in the past two years, but compared with the popularity of foreign camps, it is still relatively backward. Not only the quantity and density are far from meeting the needs of self-driving, but the high fees have discouraged us self-driving. Therefore, parking lots […]