How to choose an outdoor power supply? outdoor power purchase guide

1. What is an outdoor power supply and what is the difference between it and a power bank?   The outdoor power supply is actually called an outdoor mobile power supply, which is equivalent to a portable charging station. The main feature is the configuration of various types of output ports:   a. USB, TypeC, […]

Do you know about outdoor power supplies?

Nowadays, more and more people choose to take advantage of the weekend to relax. Normal life is exhausted. Of course, they don’t want to stay on their own one-third of acre during the holidays. Camping has naturally become a good choice.   Whether it is a student work party, a self-driving travel enthusiast, or a […]

How to choose an outdoor power supply that suits you?

1. What is outdoor power supply   Outdoor multi-function power supply based on lithium ion battery, which can output common power interfaces such as USB, USB-C, DC, AC, car cigarette lighter, etc. Covering all kinds of digital equipment, household appliances, car emergency electrical appliances, providing backup power for outdoor travel and family emergency. At the […]

History of outdoor power supply kit

Development History In this health-conscious era, outdoor sports have been integrated into our lives. This is an unstoppable demand for people after the improvement of their material living standards, and it is also the healthiest way of life. For people who work outdoors, love self-driving tours, and love outdoor sports, the lack of outdoor electricity […]