BALDR Baldr Portable Power Station 200W 173Wh Solar Generator


  • Pure sine wave inverter, produces pure current, protects equipment, reduces noise, ?Cooperates with 12V regulated output to ensure continuous stability of output voltage. If you need to use CPAP, our Baldr200W will be your first choice. A continuous and quiet environment will bring you the perfect sleep experience.
  • Baldr 200W is smaller(7.6” x 5.6” x 5.8”), lighter(6.2lbs). Lightweight and compact with a 90~ folding handle, it is especially suitable for girls to carry. If you have a girlfriend who loves camping/travel/adventure, it will be an extraordinary gift for her.
  • Baldr 200W/173Wh power generator is equipped with 1*AC outlet; 2 * USB-QC 3.0; 1* Type-C, and 1* DC output; 1* Cigarette lighter, which can charge for phones, laptops, fans, mini radiators, cameras, drones, holiday lights…Satisfy all your outdoor activities.
  • Added the monitoring of remaining charging time, remaining usage time, and low voltage warning. let you grasp the using and charging at a glance, let you know: when should be charged, how long it can be used, if the battery state is suitable for your activities…
  • Solar generator: Built-in MPPT controller can be charged by Baldr 120W solar panel to create a solar generator system to store the power (3-5Hrs). ?Wall outlet: can be charged fully in 3-4Hrs, ?Carport: can be charged fully in 3-4Hrs.
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